Top 13 Best Stroller Rain Covers (UPDATED PICKS)

Top 13 Best Stroller Rain Covers Of 2024 (BUYING GUIDE)

A cheap stroller may or may not come with a basic sun shade. However, even a nice sunshade doesn’t provide adequate protection when those fluffy clouds turn into storm clouds.

Stroller rain covers provide far more protection for your child than a sunshade or your umbrella might. And the best stroller rain cover can protect your child in many more situations than a summer rain shower, too.

 A stroller weather shield can protect your child from rain, sleet, snow and cold, making it the most convenient baby stroller accessory you don’t have yet.

What Is A Stroller Rain Cover?

What is the Best Stroller Rain Cover?

The most basic stroller rain cover turns your child’s stroller into a mobile, weather-proof bubble. It extends from the top of the stroller frame or sun shade to the bassinet or bottom support bars of the stroller.

This keeps rain away from your child. Yet the clear plastic or mesh of the stroller won’t inhibit your child’s view. How much air it lets in depends on the design.

Some designs will offer protection from insects without interfering with air flow, allowing you to protect your child from mosquitos without the risk of overheating that comes with covering them in long pants, shirts and hats.

Note that you have to buy a stroller cover that fits the stroller, or it won’t entirely protect from insects and rain. That’s why the best double stroller rain cover is one made specifically for these very wide strollers.

Types Of Stroller Rain Cover

01. Single Stroller Rain Cover

Single Stroller Rain Cover

A single stroller rain cover is designed for a single occupant stroller. It turns a stroller with a canopy into an all-weather stroller at relatively little cost.

Note that you may have to find stroller covers for a particular stroller type such as urban glide strollers, jogging stroller and urban strollers.

The average stroller rain cover protects against rain, but it may or may not insulate your child against the cold. This is something to verify before you buy.

On the Other Hand, 

many stroller covers trap moisture and heat around your child. That can be a problem on hot, humid days.

This is why you want to read stroller rain cover reviews to learn which one is best for you. We’ll share our list of recommended stroller rain covers later in this article.

02. Double Stroller Rain Cover

Types of the Stroller Rain Cover

Double stroller rain covers are deeper than single stroller covers, allowing them to drape across two seats. They’re also called tandem stroller rain covers.

These types of stroller covers shouldn’t be used on single strollers because they will hang down so low that the wheels will get caught in them.

They may not provide enough ventilation for your child, too, if they drag on the ground. Double stroller don’t necessarily give you the same access to your child as single stroller covers.

03. Universal Stroller Rain Cover

Universal Stroller Rain Cover

Universal stroller rain covers may fit almost any stroller except very large strollers. They may not fit a triple stroller or bulky stroller / travel system.

Universal strollers don’t necessarily have rain covers that can be opened to expose netting that allows your child to get air without letting in bugs.

What makes them universal is the fact that they’re designed for all weather conditions. They’re made to protect your child from wind, sun, rain, sleet and cold.

Just make sure they have adequate ventilation and fit your stroller model.

Our Top 13 Best Stroller Rain Covers Review

Our experts could make an “All in One” list after spending a long time researching the best covers from the current market. It was great to work for all, especially for new parents who don’t know the baby market properly.

However, we didn’t leave the list alone but completed writing about the good and bad sides for each of the stroller rain covers. We hope our review will show the right way to choose the perfect cover for your loved baby stroller.

01. Bemece Brand Stroller Rain Cover, Universal

This Bemece stroller cover fits most single seat pushchair strollers. It may or may not fit a travel system stroller, such as those where you snap the child’s car seat to a rolling frame.

The plastic cover protects the child from wind, rain and snow. It does a decent job of trapping body heat and keeping your child warm when it is cold outside.

Ventilation Holes

The mesh ventilation holes on the side give your child air. More importantly, the front window allows you to take your child in and out of the stroller without taking the stroller cover off.

The clear plastic allows you to see your child and lets your child see everything going on around them. The zipper that gives you access to the child is even water-proof.

Long Cover

The stroller cover is relatively long. That makes it a good choice for strollers with high sun shades, but that can cause it to drag on the ground on lower strollers.

Once hung on the stroller frame, it is 37 inches from the top of the front face to the bottom. It can fit 16 to 22 inch width sun shades/stroller tops and 16 inch rear faces.

It won’t fit with jogging strollers without the front plastic piece getting caught in the wheels.

One issue

One issue with this stroller is that the material isn’t very durable. The Velcro tabs that hold it in place are prone to ripping when the stroller cover is pushed or pulled.

The plastic itself is relatively thin. Yet you can’t fold it up as small as some other stroller covers, because of how bulky the entire thing is.

On the flip side, this stroller cover has the right dimensions to fit some smaller umbrella type wheelchairs.

  • Easy access to child without removing the best universal stroller rain cover.
  • Fits most strollers and some child wheelchairs
  • Not very durable

02. Britax Single B-Agile, B-Free Model Pathway Stroller Cover


This stroller cover will protect your child from rain, sleet, snow and cold weather. It is nearly water-proof. The blue-gray panels hide most of the stroller, but the large window lets your child see the world.

It also hides the fact that you’re pushing around a large stroller while protecting your stroller’s storage compartment.

Stroller Cover 

This stroller cover doesn’t rely on Velcro. It is held in place using hook and loop attachments. It may not stay in place in heavy winds, because you can’t tie it in place at the front of the stroller.

Yet these attachments won’t make noise as you adjust them, and the attachments stay securely connected to the best stroller cover.

Designed for Single Seat Stroller

The Britax B-Agile, B-Free stroller cover is designed for single seat strollers. Ironically, it is not a perfect fit for the B-Agile stroller.

The top window doesn’t quite line up correctly when the stroller cover is installed on that stroller. It fits some Britax stroller systems if the car seat is not attached.

How Much Is It Long?

The stroller cover is roughly 30 inches long, 19 inches wide and 24 inches tall. The plastic window is prone to scuffing. If this gets bad, your child can’t see through it.

In some cases, it even comes with a fuzzy window pane.

  • Covers the whole stroller
  • No Velcro tabs to rip or tear
  • Fits a number of Britax brand stroller systems
  • Doesn’t fit Britax B-agile strollers as well as you’d expect

03. Jeep Jogging Stroller Weather Shield, Universal Design

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This is the best universal stroller rain cover for most jogging strollers. This specific product is designed for single jogging strollers, though the manufacturer makes one for double strollers and side by side strollers. 

It also fits some smaller Jeep brand strollers. The Velcro straps on this stroller fits the Jeep brand stroller frames in general.

On the Other Hand, 

it won’t fit many Graco strollers, including their jogging strollers. It doesn’t fit Bob jogging strollers at all.

We’ll say this is the perfect rain cover for Jeep stroller owners. The stroller cover can be unpacked and put in place in seconds. 

Be careful when you put it over the handlebars. It has a tendency to rip around that area. It has basic ventilation vents on both sides of the stroller. 

Our Recommendation

We won’t recommend this stroller cover if you’re in hot, humid weather conditions due to the moisture retention. 

An All-weather Stroller Cover

This stroller cover is described as all-weather. The problem is that the plastic cracks when exposed to freezing temperatures.

The plastic tends to rip if it gets caught on the wheels or pulled on by anything else. Yet the material is durable in other cases. It isn’t going to scratch up.

  • Fits most jogging strollers
  • Fits some Jeep brand standard strollers
  • Ruined by cold temperatures
  • Doesn’t fit Graco or Bob Revolution jogging strollers

04. Wonder Buggy Brand Universal Stroller Weather Shield


This weather shield fits snuggly around the front of your stroller, including medium and large strollers. It has much better ventilation than average because of the large gap below the window; this also gives you easy access to your child. 

There are windows on the front and side, giving your child an excellent view of the world. The stroller shield is large enough to fit over even large strollers.

One Favor Point

One point in favor of this all-encompassing weather shield is that it collapses down with the stroller. And it isn’t ripped up in the process.

The bottom of this stroller cover can be cinched to trap heat, helping keep your child warm. However, the fabric isn’t very thick, so it won’t necessarily keep your child warm when it is very cold outside. 

Keep Your Child Safe

It will always keep the wind, dust and debris from reaching your child. It’s the best universal stroller weather shield on our list.

Limit Access to Items

The product doesn’t have pockets or hanging nets for storage, so it can limit access to items you have stored in the stroller. The straps don’t come undone or break.

One Complaint

One complaint about this stroller cover is that its water-proofing treatment results in a chemical smell. A more serious concern is that it may peel off the stroller cover, and it may do so where your child could pick it up and try to eat it.

  • Fits over large strollers but cinches snuggly against the frame
  • Durable material
  • Good ventilation
  • Chemical smell

05. UPPAbaby Brand MINU Stroller Rain Shield


This is a cheap, basic rain shield. It can be attached to that brand of stroller in seconds. The straps make it as easy to remove and stow away.

The Velcro straps are not that durable, so don’t pull hard on the cover. The material is relatively thin, too. It won’t scuff up if scraped; it could rip.

Access Stroller Window

You can roll up the front access window to let your child have more fresh air or reach inside the stroller. This access window is large enough to let you lift your child out of the stroller, too.

The best UPPAbaby stroller rain shield has two side vents to give your child adequate air if that window is closed. The long, clear plastic sheets mean you can see everything that’s going on, and so can your child.

What is the Downside?

The stroller cover doesn’t go all the way down the front of the stroller, if you’re using it with a Minu. (It is designed for the Minu brand stroller.)

It will cover the top of child’s footrest but may not actually cover their feet. This stroller cover only fits upright strollers for single children. It won’t fit jogging strollers or double strollers.

  • Good ventilation
  • Good overall value
  • Doesn’t completely cover child on manufacturer’s stroller

06. JOOVY Brand Zoom 360 Ultralight Rain Cover


This is the best stroller rain cover for Joovy jogging strollers. It is made specifically for the Joovy Zoom 360 jogging stroller.

It fits the curves of the stroller perfect, especially if you have the sunshade extended. Better yet, it is easy to install. The material’s durability is average. It can rip if you pull on it too hard.

A Lightweight Stroller Cover

Fortunately, the tight profile means it isn’t going to get caught in the wheels of your jogging stroller. The stroller cover is lightweight. It can fold up compactly when you remove it from the stroller.

It offers both you and your child a perfectly clear view of the world and each other. It gives your child room excellent ventilation.

On the Other Hand, 

the plastic sheeting only protects the front and sides of the child from the rain and wind. It doesn’t have anything but a net on the back to protect from insects. (It is only moderately effective in that regard.)

This stroller weather shield falls short when the weather gets cold. Use this stroller cover for warm and temperate weather jogs, but put a blanket on the baby when it is cold and damp.

  • Easy to install
  • Excellent visibility
  • Breathability
  • Only fits Joovy brand Zoom 360 Ultralight jogging strollers
  • Doesn’t protect against the cold

07. Peg Perego Brand Stroller Rain Cover

This is the best rain cover for Peg Perego strollers. It is designed to fit all single seat bassinette strollers by that manufacturer. It doesn’t fit the Pilko mini model very well.

It can be used with the Perego Book stroller, no matter which way the child’s seat faces.

Cover’s Durability 

The plastic is durable, but the buttons and straps are not. The solution is not to remove it unless absolutely necessary. You can collapse the stroller while leaving the weather shield in place, though this is not advisable.

The plastic cover is going to stay securely in place. This is a basic plastic cover. It fits over the top and sides of the stroller.

Mesh Vents

It is unusual in covering the sun-shade and back of these strollers, preventing them from getting wet. It comes with mesh vents on the side. It will not cover the push bar of the stroller.

However, you can use the zipper to open up the seating area so you can reach your child. This stroller cover will protect your child from the wind and the rain.

  • Durable material
  • Protects every side of the stroller
  • Only fits Peg Perego strollers

08. Manito Brand Elegance Plus Stroller Weather Shield


This stylish cloth and plastic weather shield protects your child from the wind, rain and cold. It is arguably the best universal stroller rain cover for colder climates.

It will resist moisture, but it will keep your child warm. It is not water-proof, so it isn’t the perfect choice if you’re regularly running in the rain.

Ventilation System

It doesn’t have good ventilation unless you leave the child access window open. This leads us to believe this isn’t the ideal option if your child can crawl out of the stroller.

It will be fine if you have an infant who can’t crawl or climb yet. Your child can look out for the moderately narrow windows at any age, but they work best if your child is sitting up in the seat.

Ready for Various Stroller 

It won’t fit Zoe strollers or Urbini Hummingbird strollers. It does fit Graco Connect, Graco Snugride and Uppababy G-Luxe strollers.

The snaps that hold it together may or may not stay hooked in heavy wind, but they don’t break off from heavy usage like some of the competitor’s products.

How Easy to Fold Up?

It is difficult or even impossible to fold up the stroller when the cover is on. The stroller cover does not have pockets, but it is also hard to lift up.

Your choices are either not accessing stroller storage or putting items in your child’s seat. This stroller cover is available in a variety of colors. We’re recommending the gray one.

  • Warm
  • Fits several brands of strollers
  • Not water-proof
  • Limited ventilation and awkward workarounds

09. BOB Brand Weather Shield for Motion Strollers

This weather shield offers excellent protection from the wind but only moderate protection from the rain. It is water-resistant but not water-proof.

It will protect your child from insects and the sun. The viewing window is large but only lets children look forward, not off to the side.

Moderate Ventilation

This can limit your ability to check on the child without leaning over or walking around the stroller. The stroller has moderately good ventilation.

It does a moderately good job of trapping body heat, though this can cause your child to overheat on hot days. You may not want to use this in the summer, whether or not there is high humidity.

Designed for Bob Brand

This weather shield is designed specifically for Bob brand motion strollers. These aren’t jogging strollers. Instead, they’re highly maneuverable urban strollers.

It’s the best weather shield for motion strollers.

What is the Downside?

One downside of the design is how hard it is to put the weather shield on, despite the fact it is literally made to fit these strollers.

On the other hand, the stroller cover design gives you full access to the storage compartments on this stroller model.

  • Fits Bob motion strollers
  • Wind, water, insect and sun protection
  • Difficult to install
  • Too warm and muggy in the summer

10. Mountain Buggy Brand Nano All-Weather Cover Pack

Many weather covers do one or two things well. They may protect from wind and rain or they may keep your child warm.

Mountain Buggy decided to offer an all-inclusive solution by offering two different weather shields, each designed for a particular set of weather conditions.

Excellent Ventilation

The sun cover will give your child shade while keeping insects away from your child. The mesh provides excellent ventilation. The storm cover is water-proof and wind-resistant.

You can use whichever cover is right for the weather conditions that day. This weather cover set is designed just for the Mountain Buggy Nano stroller.

On the Other Hand, 

they are made to attach securely to that stroller. You won’t have to worry about long pieces of plastic dragging on the ground or getting caught in the wind.

Removing them can be a hassle. Folding up the plastic rain guard for storage is not as straightforward as putting away the mesh stroller cover.

Velcro Attachments 

The Velcro attachments won’t rip off like hooks and eyes used on other stroller covers, but this can be noisy and hard to use in cold weather. It is listed as the best all-weather stroller cover.

The rain cover has a moderately bad plastic smell. We’d recommend letting it air out before you put it on the stroller. Both covers are lightweight.

Extra Access Limit

You get a storage bag for the stroller cover you aren’t currently using. That’s made of rather flimsy material. You can store the stroller cover you aren’t using in the stroller storage compartment instead.

  • Works perfectly for the intended application
  • Only fits Mountain Buggy Nano strollers

11. Maclaren Universal Raincover

This may be a universal stroller rain cover. It is designed specifically for Maclarens strollers. However, it fits many other models of upright, single-seat strollers.

This clear plastic stroller cover gives you and your child excellent visibility of the world and each other. There’s no harsh chemical odor. And the plastic is phthalate free.

On the Other Hand, 

the plastic isn’t very durable. The tabs in particular are prone to ripping. Then it will flap in the wind or leak if not both.

We do need to say that the connectors are easy to use, so the stroller cover is easy to put on and take off. The stroller cover protects against rain and the wind. It isn’t a very good insulating cover.

Cover’s Design

The design will cover your child’s seating area entirely, yet it gives you access to the storage area on the bottom of most Maclarens strollers.

  • A universal stroller cover
  • Excellent visibility
  • Not insulated
  • Weak connection points

12. Joovy Brand Caboose Ultralight Rain Cover

This is the best stroller rain cover for Joovy Ultralight strollers. It is designed specifically for the Caboose Ultralight and the Caboose Too Ultralight strollers.

This makes the Caboose rain cover the only one on our list that fits both single and double strollers, though only for the same manufacturer.

We Don’t Like These Limits

Furthermore, it does not fit the Baby Jogger city mini by Joovy. The design covers the child and the storage area on the bottom of the stroller, but it may not completely cover the footrest.

Now your child is warm and dry except for their wet shoes. The same is true for a child sitting in the second stroller seat in back. Taking your child in and out of the stroller with this in place is inconvenient.

It’s Easy to Use

You can remove it or you can pull it up so that it just sits on top of the stroller, but there isn’t really an access window to lift your child in and out of the stroller like other weather shields on this list.

The weather shield itself doesn’t neatly fold up, making it hard to store when not in use. For example, it won’t fit in the storage area under the Joovy stroller.

A Decent Rain Cover

It is a decent rain cover but doesn’t insulate against the cold. The stroller cover does not protect the handle bar, though some people prefer it not to be covered in plastic.

It has average to below average ventilation. There is a modest chemical smell when you first open it up.

  • A durable basic rain cover
  • Works equally well on single and double strollers
  • Only fits Joovy ultralight strollers

13. Hrzeem Brand Stroller Cover, Universal Size


The entire Hzreem weather cover is transparent, so you and your child can see each other and everything else that’s going on.

This rain cover is unusual for having a built-in sunshade. That’s the blue panel located at eye level for your child. Removing that panel can be a challenge if you don’t like it.

Cover’s Ventilation

This stroller cover has good ventilation due to the large mesh panels on each side. There is a large zipper panel on the stroller, allowing you to quickly open it up and lift your child out of the stroller without having to remove the stroller cover.

However, your child can’t open it and climb out of the stroller on their own. 

Made from EVA Plastic

This plastic weather shield is made from EVA plastic. It doesn’t contain PVC or phthalates. However, it isn’t as durable as some of the other plastic stroller covers on our list.

It is easily punctured or torn. 

Great for Universal Use

The manufacturer says it is the best stroller cover for universal use. We’ll say it fits many upright single strollers but not all brands.

We wouldn’t recommend it for jogging strollers.

  • Excellent visibility
  • Easy access to your child
  • Fits many stroller brands
  • Weak material


Whether you want to jog year-round or need to know that your child is comfortable in their stroller as you walk to the store despite the current weather conditions, the weather shields literally have you and your child covered.

Good stroller weather shields keep your child safe and dry, while the best models protect from insects and the hot sun, too. The challenge is finding a model that fits your stroller and your lifestyle.

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