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Comlife Stroller Fans; 7 Things to Consider Before Purchase

Parents often pick stroller fans that are bright, colorful and child-safe. Some parents want a fan that they would feel comfortable using themselves as well as using in this stroller. Comlife makes such portable fans.

In this Comlife stroller fan review, we’ll be looking at the model F170 stroller fan by Comlife. We’ll analyze the most important features of this Comlife stroller fan. We’ll also discuss both its strengths and its weaknesses.

7 Things for the Comlife Stroller Fans Review 

Comlife Fans Safety Features

01. Safety Features

This portable fan has a tight pattern of protective plastic slats. This lets air through while keeping a child’s fingers or general debris out. The fan will not automatically stop if something comes into contact with the fan blades.

The clip is large. This may make it bulky, but it means you can’t accidentally knock it off the stroller, either.

02. Speed Control

This stroller fan by Comlife has a stepless speed control. This means that you can slowly increase or decrease the fan speed rather than switching between high, low and off.

03. Portability

Portability of Comlife Clip-on Fans

This fan weighs less than a pound. You can clip it on almost anything. It may even connect to a cupholder.

It can be charged with a USB charger, meaning you can charge it from your laptop or other mobile device.

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04. Versatility

While it isn’t specifically designed to be a stroller fan, the narrow gaps in the fan cover prevent little fingers from reaching the fan blades. That means this can work as a stroller fan.

Yet its classic black design means it will be equally at home on your desk at work or connected to your exercise bike. It won’t look strange if you use it once your child no longer needs a stroller fan.

05. Ease of Use

Comlife Fans; Ease of Use

Plug it into a standard USB charger to power it or charge it up for use on the go. Push the on button to turn it on, and it starts to go. The stepless speed control lets you increase or decrease the fan speed with a simple twist of the knob.

This portable fan can oscillate. It will do so automatically once you hold down the oscillation button.

06. Strength and Durability

This portable fan is relatively durable. It is made from solid plastic. The clip won’t break after a few weeks of use. The fan itself won’t fall apart after a few months of use. Like all plastic appliances, it can crack if you drop it on a hard floor.

The only issue is the limited battery life. The batteries may last eight hours on a full charge with a low speed setting. The different issue is that the batteries will lose their ability to hold a charge after a few months.

07. Oscillation

Oscillation of Comlife Fans

Any fan can be turned on and left to send a jet of air in a given direction. However, you need more air movement than that to keep cool.

You also need more air circulation in general if the goal is to prevent skin rashes on a child. This is why the auto-oscillation feature on the Comlife brand fan is a point in its favor.

Once you set it at a given angle, it can automatically oscillate once you push the oscillation button, swinging left to right or up and down, depending on your point of view. This improves airflow in a car seat, stroller, or cramped car.

This Comlife Fan will Reduces the Discomfort

It also reduces the potential discomfort that comes from having a jet of air blowing in your face. The fan does generate motor noise, and this is somewhat worse when it is oscillating.

It isn’t loud, but it isn’t as quiet as some people would like stroller fans to be. The fan can rattle, too, especially if the cover becomes loose.

The Only Downside of this Comlife Fan

The only downside of this unit is that you cannot replace the batteries. The batteries can be charged through the USB charger, but if the batteries go dead or the USB charger plug breaks, you can’t replace them.

You just have to throw it out.In theory, you can take it apart to replace the 18650 batteries, but the process of opening up the fan to replace them can cause problems.

It isn’t made to be taken apart, so taking out the batteries can cause the case to rattle mercilessly when reassembled.


This portable fan can work as a stroller fan, but Mom and Dad may use it, too, when they’re out and about. It is easy to use and works rather well.

Just don’t expect it to last as long as that box fan in the attic. Here we reviewed more valuable options for you. To check them Click on the link_

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