Dreambaby Stroller Fans Review

Dreambaby Stroller Fans; 7 Things to Consider for Purchase

Dreambaby makes a wide range of baby products. You can buy baby gates, door latches, night lights, stroller hooks and stroller fans from them.

In this Dreambaby stroller fan review, we’ll cover the pros and cons of their child-safe stroller fan.

7 Things For Dreambaby Stroller Fans

7 Things For Dreambaby Stroller Fans

01. Safety

One of the biggest points in favor of the Dreambaby stroller fan is that there is no potential risk to your child. They can literally grab the fan blades, and nothing bad could happen.

That’s why the fan blades aren’t covered at all. This has the side benefit of preventing the child’s fingers from getting trapped inside a fan cover. 

If your child does grab the fan, it automatically stops to prevent injury. If the baby kicks it, it will generally stop until there is nothing in physical contact with it before resuming operation.

02. Flexible

You can use the flexible “stalk” of the fan to direct it in a given direction. It will then be held there by the strong support structure.

The only potential issue is that the clip may not be able to grip your stroller supports. You can easily clip it on a large stroller bar in front of a child. It may not be able to grip a narrow shelf or thin stroller shade.

03. Portability

Portability of Dreambaby Stroller Fans

This small lightweight fan is highly portable. You can clip it on a car seat or stroller seat and let it keep your child cool. This fan is small enough to stow away in a diaper bag.

It is eight inches long, four inches wide and two inches thick. It weighs less than eight ounces. The fan is powered by a small battery, and it has a very long battery life.

Many people appreciate the fact that it runs off of conventional AA batteries. This allows you to take spare AA batteries with you or pick them up anywhere.

You’ll get a longer operational life out of the fan if you get batteries rated for fast draining devices.

04. Strength

The fan clip is reasonably strong. The fan itself is somewhat strong. The weak point of this fan is the fan blades. The soft material can be ripped off by an older toddler. While it is safe for your child to touch or grab, do not let them bite it.

They could with time bite off a piece of the foam. We recommend keeping this fan out of reach of young children able to grab and pull on it. This may mean that the child gets less airflow.

The clip itself is solid and durable. It doesn’t break off after repeated uses. It won’t break because it accidentally hit a wall or other solid object. There are no real complaints about the fan wearing out or having parts break off.

05. Adjustability

This stroller fan can be turned 180 degrees on the short stalk. Just direct the face of the fan where you want the air to blow.

You can also remove it and attach it somewhere else. You can’t do much to adjust the speed of the fan blades themselves.

06. Colors

Colors of Dreambaby Stroller Fans

We mention this, because it matters to many parents. You can get a classic black or white Dreambaby clip on stroller fan.

But that fan will look like many other stroller clip on fans. The Dreambaby model is unusual in that you can get it in orange, purple, or a combination pink and purple.

You can choose a color combination that resembles a flower. There are more than a dozen colors and color combinations available.

07. Performance

The Dreambaby fans are quite cheap. They have very good performance given their price and its small size. It has moderately strong air flow given its slow speed, too. Better yet, it is relatively quiet while it is running.

Recognize that this won’t provide the intense air flow needed to keep a child cool on a very hot or humid day, but it will improve airflow in a stroller or car seat. The fan blade speed will fall off as the batteries are drained.

If your child does manage to rip off a fan blade, the fan will be able to continue operating. It won’t generate a lot of extra noise, either, when it is missing a fan blade.


The Dreambaby stroller fan is a great choice for putting a fan where a child might touch it. It will generate enough air flow to prevent children from getting uncomfortably hot and sweaty.

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