Halloween Outfits for Babies

Halloween Outfits for Babies; How to Dress Your Loved Baby?

Halloween Outfits for Babies; How to Dress Your Loved Baby?

Baby’s first Halloween is the most fun. It can also be the most challenging, since your child doesn’t understand what is going on. Furthermore, you don’t want to spend a fortune on a costume they’ll only wear once, much less one that takes a lot of work. 

Here are the best simple Halloween outfits for baby.

1. A Ballerina

You don’t have to spend a fortune to turn your baby girl into a ballerina. Put her in a pink onesie. Buy or make a pink tutu for her. You could complement this with white tights and pink socks or leave her legs bare, depending on the temperature. If pink is too much for you, you can choose a black onesie with a black tutu.

Or put the child in a white onesie and put her in a tutu of your choice. We’d recommend a headband that matches the tutu’s color. You can put white, pink or black socks on her feet for “ballet shoes”.

Note that this is a great complementary costume when older sisters are going as ballerinas or princesses.

2. A Train Conductor

This is an easy costume to make, and you may have most of the items in the wardrobe already. The baby would wear blue jean coveralls over a white shirt. You can wrap a red bandana around their neck, but it needs to be relatively loose.

Add a brimmed conductor’s hat. You can complete the outfit with a train whistle or an older sibling’s train toys. This is the ideal choice if anyone in the family is a Thomas the Train fan.

3. Pumpkins

The simplest pumpkin costume is an orange sleep sack and a green hat on the baby’s head. You can make a big orange bag with arm holes, too. This can be made to look more like a pumpkin by drawing vertical lines on it.

The pumpkin outfit could be filled out with padding like rolled up socks or left to hang loose. Put a little green leaf or green string from the top. Then you’re done.

This costume is a great choice if one of your family members is going as Charley Brown.

4. Peas

This is a good choice for newborns, twins and sibling sets. You’d start with green sleep sacks or green bags with arm holes. Match with green hats, and you have peas.

To get the pod, put the baby in a baby carrier wrapped in a green blanket. You could put twins in a wagon lined with a green blanket.

Now you have peas in a pod. And if you don’t like peas, put them in purple instead of green and call it a grapevine.

5. Carrots

This costume is another one you can create using an orange sleep sack. You can create the carrot hat out of a knit hat with green “shoots” coming up out of it. This is an easy solution for a baby that is still swaddled.

This is a great costume for when someone is dressed as a rabbit or horse. Or give your baby some stuffed bunny rabbits to play with.

6. Superbaby

A superbaby costume or baby Superman costume is incredibly easy to make. You could use a blue sleep sack or blue onesie as the base.

Create a Superman or Supergirl logo to attach to the baby’s chest. Add a red kerchief or blanket for a cape.

This is a great Halloween costume for when the rest of the family is dressed up as superheroes.

7. A Strawberry

Yes, we’re going with a lot of fruits and vegetables here. This one is a little more advanced than the first few costumes on our list. You’d start with either a red onesie or red sleep sack. Add black dots to it. 

We’d recommend a green hat. You can add to the costume by adding several leaves to the top. Your baby can wear red, white or black socks or shoes.

Leggings could be red, black, white or brown. You don’t have to put the spots on the leggings.

This is a great costume if you want to complement a sister dressed up as Strawberry Shortcake, peanut butter and jelly, or a chef.

8. A Baby Cow

You don’t have to be a fan of Chick-fila to love this costume. You can make it yourself with a white hat and onesie or body suit. Add black or brown spots to create the “cow” look. We’d recommend making black and pink cow ears to attach to the hat.

If you want to take it to the next level, grab four baby bottle nipples and glue them to the front of the costume. Just make sure your baby can’t suck on them. But your baby will be ultra-cute when they’re drinking from their bottle while wearing it.

Furthermore, this costume is a great complement to any cowboys and cowgirls in the family. Just don’t let anyone put a lasso around the baby.

9. A Flower

This costume is a great choice if you already have lots of headbands with flowers on the top. Your daughter could wear the headband of your choice with an artificial flower embedded in it or even one that already has a floral pattern.

The main body is literally a white or other light color body suit. Attach a green strip of felt to create a “stem”. Cut out some green felt ovals for leaves and attach them to the body suit, or color them onto the body suit.

If it is warm, wear just the body suit. If it is cold, your daughter can wear green pants or leggings.

10. A Mummy

Babies can wear mummy outfits if you are careful. In this case, either put the baby in a white onesie or white shirt and pants. Wrap lightly in white gauze, but don’t make it tight enough to limit their movement. You can make it cute by putting two large googly eyes in the middle of the chest.

This costume is a good complement for others wearing ghost, vampire, werewolf and other monster costumes.


Halloween outfits for baby don’t have to be expensive or complicated. And there are many options you can choose from that let you use items you already own. For more updates, Consider a continue visit to parents tab.

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