How are Keynice Stroller Fans

Keynice Stroller Fans; 7 Things to Consider When Purchase

Keynice is a relatively unknown brand when it comes to baby items. They’re better known for their outdoor furniture.

In this Keynice stroller fan review, we’ll discuss the features their portable fans offer as well as the pros and cons of their products.

7 Things for the Keynice Stroller Fans

01. Safety Features

This fan is surrounded on all sides by a protective plastic cover. Its open lattice allows for ample air flow while preventing little fingers from reaching it. It also keeps out debris.

Note that it isn’t designed to be safe if something does come into contact with it. For example, it may or may not stop if you put a pencil in the fan blades’ way.

02. Variable Airflow

7 Things for the Keynice Stroller Fans

This fan does let you choose between a high and low speed. The high setting yields 2000 RPM. The maximum airflow is 65 cubic feet per minute.

This is a moderate air flow, so it can keep something cool in its vicinity but you don’t feel it standing four feet away. It lacks an adjustable sliding scale, something other fans control via a knob.

On the other hand, you get rid of a stepless control motor that is prone to breaking or just making a lot of noise. The fan is relatively quiet, as well, even on the high setting.

03. Adjustable-Tilt Fan Head

This fan can rotate in 360 degrees. Very few fans can rotate 360 degrees so that you can turn it to face the other direction. You can also rotate it in the Z axis, though that isn’t a full 360 degrees.

That’s aside from the fact you can unclip it, move it, and clip it somewhere else. This makes the Keynice portable fan more flexible than the table fans they make.

04. Fan Clip

Fan Clip of the Keynice Stroller Fans

This flexible portable fan has a durable clip that can hold it in place on almost anything.

Note that the fan clip doesn’t have padding, so it may pinch foam covers or even tear them. The clip hinge is more durable than average.

05. USB Charger

USB Charger of the Keynice Stroller Fans

This mobile fan can be powered via a USB charging port. You can use the same USB charging cable to recharge the fan battery.

The USB charging cable itself is more than three feet long. This means the fan could be mounted on your stroller and powered by the mobile device sitting in your pocket.

Once the fan battery is fully charged, it can run for a little while off the stored energy. If there are issues with the fan battery, you cannot replace it. You have to replace the fan itself.

You cannot plug it into the wall, unless you have a separate wall outlet to USB power adapter. That must be purchased separately.

06. A Separate Stand-Alone Fan

Keynice is a Separate Stand-Alone Fan

Most portable fans are sold individually. This portable fan is sold with a separate small fan that is perfect for those who need a desk fan.

That stand alone fan does not have a clip, but it can be charged through the same computer USB port as the clip fan. You can even use both fans together to keep you and your computer cool as you’re working at your desk.

Note that you cannot use both fans from the same power source unless you have a power divider or a separate charging cable for the second desk fan.

You could use a computer or other charging port with two or more USB charging ports to power both fans, though that would obviously drain a computer battery. They both pull roughly 5 volts DC and 2 amps.

07. A Compact Design

A common problem with fans is their bulk. This fan has a roughly four inch face. That’s large enough to give you a lot of air flow without being so large that you can’t slip it into a laptop bag or diaper bag.

The entire thing is less than seven inches tall, if you include the clip. Both fans are also lightweight.


This USB powered fan can be used as the best USB stroller fan, workout fan or computer cooling fan. And that’s aside from the separate fan that is designed specifically for keeping your computer or monitor cool. This fan set is a good overall value.

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