Skygenius Stroller Fans Review

Skygenius Stroller Fans; 7 Features For Being The Best

Skygenius makes a variety of outdoor gear like binoculars and indoor gear like baby gates. They also make a number of compact, portable fans, especially stroller fans. In this Skygenius stroller fans review, we’ll learn more about their small lightweight fan suitable for use around children.

A side benefit of their fan designs is that you’ll be happy to use it in your home or office, too.

Let’s Get Down on Skygenius Stroller Fans Review

Let's Get Down on Skygenius Stroller Fans Review

01. Unique Design

This stroller fan by Skygenius can turn almost 360 degrees. It rotates on both a vertical axis and horizontal one thanks to two different pivots. This means you can mount it on the top of the stroller and direct the air flow at either the child or yourself.

It can be connected to almost anything and then directed in whatever direction it needs to go. Frankly, you’ll run into more problems with the power cable getting in the way of positioning the fan rather than the fan being unable to be positioned in a given angle.

Fortunately, the charging cable itself is durable. It won’t crack or break due to regular bending and twisting. In our eyes 

02. Powerful

The top air speed from this fan is 10.5 feet per second. A low fan speed on this fan is a moderately fast fan speed with some other models. (You can’t get it to go very slow.) The fan speed is controlled by a wheel you simply turn to speed it up or slow it down.

One downside is the noise level. The fan can put out up to 50 dB of noise at its highest speed. At lower speed settings, it puts out up to 40 dB of noise.

It will make an even louder whirring noise if the fan bearings fail. When this happens, discard the fan because there’s nothing you can do to fix it.

03. A High Quality Battery

A High Quality Battery for Skygenius Fans

This fan is driven by a rechargeable battery. If you fully charge the battery, it can easily run for four hours at full speed and six hours on a medium fan speed. If you set it on low speed with a fully charged battery, it can run up to eight hours.

It is rare to find a portable fan that can run that long on a single charge. Like other rechargeable batteries, the battery life is based in part on how often you recharge it.

And if it isn’t fully recharged, the battery can chemically reset and fail to fully recharge in the future. 

You can replace the battery inside of this fan, though it can be hard to find the right replacement batteries.

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An Important Note

Note that a 2600mAh 18650 battery comes with the fan, though the longer than average rechargeable batteries mean you may not be able to use conventional model 18650 batteries with this fan.

You also get a USB charger cable for it. You cannot make it work with AA or AAA batteries, even if they are rechargeable batteries. 

Yet one side benefit of the design is that you can power it from your laptop computer, as long as you have the USB charging cable.

An Exception

The only exception to this advice regarding battery replacement is if the USB charging port inside the fan is damaged. Then you can’t recharge the battery.

You may notice the problem when the battery is slow to charge or not charging at all, because the USB charging port is loose.

If the new fan won’t charge, this is probably the cause. And there is no way to replace the charging port if it is loose or falls out.

04. Compact Size

The fan itself is roughly four inches across. The entire fan is roughly eight inches tall, if you include the mounting clip. It weighs about nine ounces.

You can mount it on a stroller roof or on your desk. It could even be mounted on the car sun visor.

05. Clip Style

Clip Style of Skygenius Fans

This clip-on stroller fan has an unusual clip design. The large black clip can be connected to almost anything, including the hood of your stroller or the stroller guide bar.

Another point in favor of this stroller fan is the fact that the clip has a pad on it. You won’t damage the items you clip to. This means the clip won’t wear down or damage padded stroller bars.

The clip hinges will hold it securely in place until you’re ready to remove it.

06. Durability

We’ll say this fan is moderately durable. It isn’t going to crack because you put it down on the desk too hard. It can be used on a daily basis before things start wearing out.

With long-term use, the little plastic covers on top of the assembly screws can fall out.

The battery cover can come off, too, especially as the fan vibrates to the point the connectors wear out.

07. Safety

This fan is safe to have around your young children. This is primarily due to the tight protective grid over the fan. The clip is strong and will hold the fan in place if a child does tug at it.

The fan turns itself off if it is overheating or the battery is getting low. It also work great as the best fan for baby room


This is an excellent 360 degree portable fan that can be used as a stroller fan. It works great unless and until problems arise.

Fortunately, it is an affordable unit. And it is an excellent value given its low price and abundant features. 

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