Essential Stroller Accessories

11 Essential Stroller Accessories For Your Loved Baby

When someone says accessories, we tend to think of decorative or attractive elements. However, the most important stroller accessories will make your life as a parent less stressful. It may entertain, educate or soothe your child, too. 

Let’s Get Started Essential Stroller Accessories

01. Clip-on fan

stroller fan

Clip-on fans are more than a fascinating new toy for your toddler. They can make your long walk a little safer and healthier, too. The fan increases circulation inside of a stroller cover and it helps keep your child cool naturally.

It can prevent sweat from accumulating on their skin, something that contributes to itchy, uncomfortable rashes. And it can help keep you cool, too.

A point in favor of clip-on fans is that you can take it off the stroller and take it where ever you go. Then you can use it to keep your child cool sitting in the car, too.

02. Rain shield

Stroller Rain Cover

Rain shields are a great way to keep your child dry without trying to manage an umbrella on top of everything else you’re doing.

Your child stays dry once you put them in the stroller, and you don’t have to bother with a rain jacket or other protective gear.

Rain shields are generally light and flexible enough to be stowed away in the stroller when not in use.

03. Sun shields

Stroller Sun Shade

Sun shields are designed to give your child shade without entirely blocking their view. In this regard, it is better than covering your child on a hot day with a blanket.

It will help them stay cool naturally, and there’s no effort on your part once you install the sun shield. The best sun shields are light and flexible, so they can be put away when not needed.

04. Stroller Toy

toys for Stroller

Many parents give their children stuffed animals or little toys to play with in the stroller. Unfortunately, your child may enjoy dropping it or throwing it and seeing you fetch it. Or they may drop it and then become upset that it has become lost.

The solution is to get stroller toys. These toys are designed to stay securely attached to the stroller while remaining in reach of your child.

The best stroller toys contain many little elements, so a child won’t get bored with it within a few days.

05. Stroller bags

Stroller bags for travel

Stroller bags are incredibly useful when you’re traveling with a stroller. The stroller bag can turn your favorite stroller into a checked bag. It also simplifies the process of sticking the stroller in an overhead storage compartment in the airplane.

06. Cup holder

Stroller Cup Holder

Cup holders connect to the stroller bar and serve the same purpose as the cup holders on the grocery store cart: it holds one or more drinks.

You could use it to hold your water bottle, a baby bottle or the coffee you picked up on your walk. A cup holder allows you to take your drink with you while keeping your hands free most of the time.

07. Stroller organizer

Stroller Organizer Infographic

Some strollers lack a storage bin on the bottom. Others have one, but it isn’t easily reached. Perhaps you’ve already put a diaper bag or purse there.

Where then do you put a pre-made baby bottle or other essentials you want to be able to access quickly?  This is where the stroller organizer comes in. It connects to the back of most strollers, and it lets you access things like a pack of wet wipes or pre-made bottle.

08. Active Bluetooth speaker

Stroller Bluetooth speaker

An active Bluetooth speaker has a number of uses. Let it play music for your child or you to listen to. The active speakers are wireless, connected to your phone via wifi. They’re also independent of each other.

This means you can have one playing music for your child while another plays music for you. But since you don’t need headphones to hear your preferred tunes, you can hear everything going on around you.

09. Stroller Hook/Hanger

Stroller Hooks and Hangers

Moms are often juggling baby, stroller, diaper bag and purse all at the same time. Putting the diaper bag and/or purse in a storage bin frees up your hands, but now reaching items inside of them takes longer. And that feels like forever when the baby is crying.

The solution is a stroller hook, also called a stroller hanger. The stroller hook connects to the stroller steering bar. You can then hook a diaper bag, purse or even shopping bags to it.

This frees up your hands while putting key items where they can be easily reached. It has the side benefit of ensuring you never put things down to take care of your child and then forget to pick them up again.

10. Reflection Keychain

A Reflectoid keychain turns your car keys into a child-safe toy. The button to open the door is clearly marked, but you won’t have to worry about baby slobber getting into the circuitry and ruining it if your child puts it in their mouth.

It also reduces the odds your child drops the item out of boredom, because it looks like a plush toy. A side benefit of the cover is that it protects the keychain from dust and debris.

11. Stroller Gloves

Stroller Gloves

Stroller gloves are one of the must-have stroller accessories for winter. Instead of putting on gloves and then trying to manage everything wearing them, the stroller gloves are warm muffs that connect to the stroller bars.

Your hands are never cold as long as they’re inside the stroller gloves. Yet your hands are free for fine motor tasks when you take them out, unless you’re wearing gloves inside the stroller gloves.

This approach has several benefits. 

You can easily take your hands out and adjust a child’s outfit, change a diaper, answer the phone or grab something. You also never have to worry about losing control of the stroller because your mittens slipped.


The best stroller accessories make you and your child more comfortable and less stressed without sacrificing safety and security.

We’ve shared our list of the top 11 stroller accessories, and all you have to do is decided which ones make your family’s life a little bit better.

Have a nice day!!

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